"Jim Glines and his team brought our auction from really good to truly phenomenal overnight. They have been a delight to work with for the last six years—from the expertise and energy they bring, the fun atmosphere they create, and the monumental amount of money they raise for us to the professionalism, generosity, and kindness of every person on the team. We can't imagine having anyone else as our auctioneer."
Michelle Cyr
Director of Events
The Thacher School

"I don't know how you can do any better than to have Jim as your auctioneer."
Andy Granatelli
Director-at-Large, Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Control

"I am confident that had you not been the Auctioneer for this event, motivating people the way only you can do, the amount of money generated would not have been nearly as impressive as it was."
Danny R. Macagni
Retired Chief of Police, Santa Maria

"You had the crowd going wild, cheering, clapping and spending more money then we could have ever imagined."
Chris Slaughter
Discovery Museum Board Member and Event Chair

"As the CEO and president of Chappellet Winery we are involved with Auctions all over the country.

I have attended and been intimately involved all areas of fund raising at auctions and can absolutely say that Jim and his Cowboy hatted compadres are the best spotters and work the room better than any others that I’ve seen. They keep track of the bidders and are very good at reading the body language and eye movements to identify if the bidder would be willing to up their bids. The team that Jim has is professional and they will help your organization to raise more money than any other team that we have ever seen!"

If you have any questions regarding Jim or what he does please reach out to me.


Cyril Chappellet

"Jim and his team of Auction Spotters continue to rise to new heights of interaction with our patrons, and I would observe that such an accomplishment is owing to their focus, dedication, energy and enthusiasm, as well as their experience and expertise. I cannot imagine holding an effective Auction without their presence as an integral component of the proceedings.

Jim Glines exudes professionalism and graciousness, while simultaneously presenting his well-defined expertise. When you have received Jim's focused attention, you are not only fully present in the moment, you are informed, educated and exhilarated by it. If you don't win the bid, it will not be because he did not give you every conceivable opportunity."

Archie McLaren
Founder and Chairman of the Central Coast Wine Classic




Jim Glines, Auctioneer
California State Champion Auctioneer 2001

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Jim Glines Auctioneer